America Rising
America Rising

Welcome to the Best DomiNations Alliance,
America Rising!
We are very active, passionate about War, and advancing our troops and bases. We are also passionate about helping our allies succeed not only in game but in life as well. We believe that the lessons we learn in the game can be applied in life also. This game can be confusing at times and our leaders are happy to help.

We require our allies to follow a few simple rules. This allows our leaders to communicate with the allies better and allows the alliance to grow more as a family by getting to know each other. Please read each rule if you agree to these rules then join us, otherwise keep moving on and good luck.

1. Download and Use the DISCORD app daily
America Rising Server Link:
(Communication for War and Sharing screenshots of War/Town bases to help allies form better bases)

2. Donate Troops to other Allies who have requested Non-Specific Troops

3. Speak, write & understand English (This is an All English speaking group)

4. Check Mark the War button to ON in the Alliance Gate and Participate in Wars (Using both attacks, follow war attack orders, donate troop tactics to war partner)

5. Be Active Daily (Check in several times throughout the day to collect resources to minimize Raids against your Town Base)

6. Communicate with Leaders as requested

7. Communicate with Leaders about any absences that may arise

8. ASK QUESTIONS. The only stupid questions are the ones NOT asked.

9. Have Fun. It's just a game. Enjoy your time playing the game and Raiding other bases, stealing resources from other players and participating in War. It really is fun.

We Hope to see you soon!!