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We are Moving Our Communications to DISCORD. Download the App HERE….. Once you have completed the FREE account setup and confirmed your email you will need to connect to the AMERICA RISING Server by clicking on this link…. After that you will be assigned the same Role as you are in the game, such as Ally, Coucil, etc… If you have never used Discord before it’s very easy to use. There is no invites to chat rooms. The Chat rooms will be bold if there are new items to read. You can also Private message each other as before. You will be expected to check Discord on a daily basis, just as the same when you were on the LINE app. We will No Longer Use the LINE app after March 17 at Midnight Eastern (New York) Time.Read more

Using the Museum

Using the museum. Tap the museum, then tap the museum icon Craft new artifacts often. They require fragments you’ve accumulated. Tap the craft icon Tap storage icon The new crafted items appear in your storage. You should sell off the artifacts you don’t need to free up more storage space and receive blue prints needed to upgrade artifacts benefits Now go back to storage Tap one of the artifacts to see the benefits you want to upgrade.(Red arrow.) Note that you can change a benefit (green arrow,) by tapping the blue highlighted dice. You can level up a benefit with blue prints and a cost Press the okay button If you chose to roll the dice, tap yes Go back to inventory and craft again for new artifacts that you can keep, replace, or sell for more blueprints. Do this everyday to collect and sell artifacts you don’t want to...Read more

parit enim conversatio contemptum, raritas conciliat admirationem.

parit enim conversatio contemptum, raritas conciliat admirationem.(Lucius Apuleius Madaurenis, c.124 – c.170 A.D. – Platonist Philosopher of the Roman Empire.)Translation: Familiarity breeds contempt.  Many theologians, authors, and political thinkers have repeated this phrase for centuries. This also includes Mark Twain’s “Familiarity breeds contempt, and children.” Several references, in different words of course can be found in the King James and other Bibles from the sermons of Mark (6: 1-6) This passage refers to Jesus leaving his community and teaching in areas where he is less known. For the people that knew him most were too familiar with his past and less receiving of his wisdom. How does this apply to our alliance? The short answer is that the more we get to know each other, the more likely we are to dispute others intentions. The game is a microcosm of the world we live in. There are leaders and bosses,...Read more

I Don’t Do Apologies

Yes you read that correctly. I don’t do apologies. The reason is, if I said it, it’s because it came from a place of how I feel. I don’t apologize for my feelings. And frankly neither should you. Everyone is entitled to their feelings. I will apologize for my behavior. Did I act like an out of control idiot? Probably, Yes. I probably should apologize for some of the things I said but at the time, I felt they were justified on the information I had. No one is perfect. Not even me. I try to be perfect. I fail all the time. Sometimes I have really good days and things go smoothly and its almost perfect. Other days like the other day, well, are just the worst. I am not a patient person when it comes to leading. I just wanna go get it done. When the mission is...Read more


Will You Be America Rising’s Next War MVP? We are introducing MVP of War. It’s just Bragging Rights but still. Who doesn’t like Bragging rights? You will be featured in the in game inbox, the Blog and Website and a post in the LINE app. If you wish you can share a photo with us that we will post next to this BIG BLUE star next to your photo or we can use your LINE app photo. You will be featured until the Next MVP is awarded. WHO CAN YOU WIN MVP?All Allies are eligible to win except Rick, T2Terminator72, Gideon and Thor. HOW DO YOU WIN MVP? 1. Readiness2. Attitude3. Following Orders4. Participation5. Skills & Strategy 1. Are you prepared for war? Do you have the necessary items ready? Are your war tactics researched and leveled up? Are your Coalitions leveled up? Are you using coalitions? Have you donated...Read more

America Rising Online

Apparently with so many newcomers to our group it seems that they still don’t get it. So maybe, just maybe if we keep posting the rules, maybe they will get it. We don’t have rules to restrict people, we have rules so that we can help each other. All of these are simply a way of helping each other grow and know one another better. It’s about building relationships with each other and building a brotherly bond. These are not hard rules to follow. In fact if you have a job, you have probably hundreds to thousands more than this. So Buck up Buttercup and put on your Big Boy pants! It’s time to play DomiNations with the Big Boys! Let’s Go! 1. Download and Use the LINE app daily (Communication for War and Sharing screenshots of War/Town bases to help allies form better bases) 2. Donate Troops to other Allies who...Read more