Donating troops to each ally is essential to helping one another. Every Ally from Iron Age and up can donate troops. Because our Alliance is Level 9 we have "Perk 4" that all donated troops automatically upgrades to Industrial Age Troops. You can read more about "Perks" in the Alliance Gate.

Every age from Iron Age and up can donate Tanks to anyone because of this perk. In the chart below you will see that different nations have a few different names for the basic Bowman and Horseman and they all Upgrade to some form of Tank and Riffleman. The chart is merely to show you what your troop is called at your Age level and Nation.

Horsemen will cost you in your Barracks 6 spaces but when you donate it changes to 10 spaces. That is because an Industrial Tank uses 10 spaces. Your Bowmen takes one space and when upgraded still uses 1 space.

When Donating, you get to donate 6 troops total from your barracks. If you are creative enough you can fill almost every request.

Once you get up to certain Ages you will start to get Mortars, Bombards, Cannons, troop type Ballistas (depending on your Nation), each of those items stay the same cost as you donate from your barracks. Example would be, Mortars are 6 spaces and upgrade to Trench Mortars and are still 6 spaces when donated. Bombards are 9 Spaces and when donated are Artillery and still 9 spaces.

As you advance and grow your army you will obtain new and more troops that cost different amounts of troop space. Most of those are usually not donated.

Most common donations are the Bowman who turn into Rifflemen and Machine Guns AND the Horsemen who turn into Tanks. Some people like the Raiders who turn into the Motorcyle Raiders, and the cost on those stay the same.

You may notice from time to time that some Allies will request specific donations such as Global or Atomic ONLY. When that occurs, you should NOT donate as the troops you would donate only upgrade to Industrial and would not fulfill their needs. So please make sure you READ before donating.

When REQUESTING Troops You may also request Atomic Or Global if you wish. It may take longer for your request to be filled tho as there are less people who can fill those types of requests.

You should be requesting troops often, that means you are active and Raiding often. This is a good sign. Just don't forget to check the Chat area for others who need troops first before requesting troops. Always Trade troops when possible.

So there is no excuse NOT to donate to your fellow Ally. All Troops are Upgraded.

Once our Alliance reaches Level 10 all troops will auto upgrade to Global. That is a goal that our Alliance is working towards now. We get XP towards that by participating in wars.

Remember to check out the Chart. If you have questions, please see a leader or council.
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America Rising