Troop tactics are expendable groups of soldiers or vehicles that can be brought into battle alongside the player's army. Troop tactics do not require space in any of the army installations, but a limited number may be brought into a single battle. Troop tactics are stored in the Stronghold.

There are seven ways in which troop tactics can be obtained: won in a special event, received from an expedition, purchased in a promotional sale, found in a chest, received as a holiday gift, or - in rare cases - received as compensation for major game issues from the developers.

Most events will offer a troop tactic as a prize - usually one (1) at the first level, two (2) at the third level, and either a temporary building that produces the troop tactic's signature troops or additional troop tactic(s) at the final level.

Many of the available expeditions at the Dock will bring back troop tactics, as indicated by the expedition information.

Sometimes league boats (e.g., Copper, Silver, Gold, ...) offer individual troop tactics, as do once-daily Victory Chests after compiling enough stars during Multiplayer action. More commonly Troop Tactics are not offered here, but it does happen.

CHESTS (Marco Polo):
In chests sold by Marco Polo each week; some of the available prices are troop tactics. Also sometimes sales offer chests. Chests typically have a luck component; click the (?) on the chest's description screen to see the odds. For example, typically temporary buildings (e.g., Elephant Archer stable) have low odds at around 1%. This description also clarifies how many tactics you'll get per chest.

During the Winter season, a rare event occurs in which airdrop supplies appear on the borders of a player's base. These can be opened to receive all sorts of items, usually including a few modern troop tactics as well.

Watch Daily Videos. Not every day but many days they will have a troop tactic as the prize if you watch all the videos for that day. You may also receive gems which are helpful when Marco Polo comes to your base.

In the case of a particularly obstructive error/glitch (such as one that may cause server errors and prevent certain players from entering the game), players may receive a troop tactic as an apology for the problems.

To activate troop tactics, enter the Stronghold building and activate whichever ones you desire for your next battle. Remember to choose wisely, since a limited number can be activated at a time. This number is limited by your Stronghold's level. A troop tactic only disappears when used, and you can switch them in and out of your stronghold without using them.

To deploy a troop tactic, tap on a valid area in battle. Similarly to mercenaries, alliance troops, and coalition attack forces, a banner will be dropped in the selected location to mark where the troops will spawn from (excepting airstrike tactics). They can be used just like the aforementioned group of miscellaneous troops in addition to being consumed after a single use in battle, regardless of whether the troops survive or not.

In World Wars, troop tactics can be donated to allied players Stronghold's for use in defense. When attacked, the troop tactic will pour forth from the stronghold to take on the invaders.

No matter how you obtain your Troop Tactics, save them for Wars. Do NOT use them in Raids. They are hard to come by unless you are purchasing them. When attacking your targets in War, how many Troop Tactics do you really need? If you can hold 3 Troop Tactics, do you really need all 3? Do you need to deploy all 3? Be wise in your strategy and attacks. Your research in your Blacksmith / Armory can be more beneficial than you know for your troops, war tactics, generals, coalitions, etc... Make sure you are taking advantage of the Research in the Library and University. There are many advantages in the game you can take to make your troops stronger, faster and increase hit points.

We also Donate Troop Tactics to our War Partner. Our War Partner is determined by our # in war. When you go into the War page you will see you have a # next to your name. That is your War #.  If you look at the chart to the LEFT, you will see that each War # is paired with another War #. That is who you donate Troop Tactics to. So when you tap on Donate Troops, tap on STRONGHOLD then the available Troop Tactics You have will show up, find a Troop Tactic that is Anti-Tank and then tap Donate, Keep doing that til they are FULL. So if they require 3 Troop Tactics, you will do that 3 Times. If they only require 1, then you only do it Once.

Regular Troops are Donated by Atomic Players, either by Thor, Rick or Gideon. DO NOT DONATE REGULAR TROOPS for This situation.
Remember to watch Daily Videos, Participate in all the Events, and Do freeby offers in the store for Crowns so you can purchase Troop Tactics from Marco Polo.

If you have questions, Please see someone in leadership, they will be happy to help.
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